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Your customers’ c-suite holds a wealth of knowledge and opportunity. Those leaders own the budget. They drive the strategy. They are clear on the conditions, challenges and trends that impact their business—and therefore yours.

But those high-level executives can also be your most discerning, toughest-to-reach customers. In high demand. Under tremendous pressure. Often operating close to the vest.

So—how do you earn their time and attention? Influence their opinions? And tap into the insight they have to offer?

And how do you translate successful events and interactions into deeper relationships, enterprise-wide understanding, and business opportunity?

Strategy consulting, research, and programs with Farland Group

We partner with B2B CEOs, CMOs, and key marketing and business leaders through:

  • Consulting: Designing lasting engagement strategies that transform relationships and business results.
  • Research: Understanding executive customers and spotting trends as they take shape.
  • Programs: Creating compelling advisory boards, events, and other c-level experiences.

Why work with us?

  • You can trust us with your top customers
  • You gain objective c-suite perspective—from a team that is constantly talking to c-suite executives.
  • You engage your customers as valued partners—balancing what you need with what they want.
  • You turn customer interactions and insights into new strategies, revenue models, and markets.

From Seller to Advisor: Engage Your Customers to Help You Stop Pitching

Posted on 11.11.2015 by in Engagement Strategy, Featured

At the 2015 ITSMA annual conference, we considered, “If it is all about the customer experience, why are we still pitching?” We share the key takeaways from our discussion with Janis Fratamico, Director, Relationship Marketing at Bloomberg and David Coates,  

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From Campaigns to Life Moments: Learning from C-Suite Conversations

Posted on 07.13.2015 by in Engagement Strategy

In a recent discussion with a group of senior marketers, one of the key themes that emerged is the trend away from campaign thinking to connecting with customers in the context of their daily lives, and at their own pace.  

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Customer Engagement: It’s More than a Bunch of Activities

Posted on 10.19.2015 by in Engagement Strategy, Featured

Very few marketers would say that their goal is not to create long term, strong, deep relationships with their clients or customers.  Client relationships are what drive a healthy business and deliver value in both directions.  And most marketers would  

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Is Your Facilitation Killing your Customer Advisory Board?

Posted on 04.14.2015 by in Customer Advisory Boards, Featured

If your advisory board is struggling—or you’re just getting started and want to avoid the most common pitfall—consider carefully:
Is the person in the facilitator’s chair really ready to…facilitate? We share some of the common downfalls of board leaders and  

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