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//Farland Group brings together corporations and their most important stakeholders to solve the strategic challenges facing businesses today. //Our work focuses on building agendas and programs that help executives understand their markets while establishing deep relationships with their most valued customers and partners.
//Our client experience methodology
places the customer at the center of your decision making processes. Through the creation and management of customer advisory boards and councils, executive forums and online communities, Farland Group helps you build meaningful connections with your customers, connections that deliver tangible outcomes. //Farland Group works with the top 20% of our clients to cultivate strategic insights and actions.  Today their work – from advisory boards to client experience – is central to how we deliver value.  Katharyn White, CMO, IBM Global Business Services//
//Our approach
helps you directly test strategic assumptions, gain immediate insight into emerging market needs, establish leadership platforms and importantly, develop personal relationships with key stakeholders that lead to new opportunities.