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Build Stronger Relationships With Your C-level Customers

Your customers’ C-suite holds a wealth of knowledge and opportunity. Those leaders own the budget. They drive the strategy. They are clear on the conditions, challenges and trends that impact their business—and therefore yours. Customer Advisory Boards can uncover these and other challenges.

But those high-level executives can also be your most discerning, toughest-to-reach customers. In high demand. Under tremendous pressure. Often operating close to the vest.

So—how do you earn their time and attention? Influence their opinions? And tap into the insight they have to offer?

And how do you translate successful events and interactions into deeper relationships, enterprise-wide understanding, and business opportunity?

Strategy consulting, research, and programs with Farland Group

We partner with B2B CEOs, CTOs, CIOs and CMOs through:

  • Programs: Creating compelling advisory boards, events, and other C-level experiences.
  • Consulting: Designing lasting engagement strategies that transform relationships and business results.
  • Research: Understanding executive customers and spotting trends as they take shape.

Why work with us?

  • You can trust us with your top customers
  • You gain objective C-suite perspective—from a team that is constantly talking to C-suite executives.
  • You engage your customers as valued partners—balancing what you need with what they want.
  • You turn customer interactions and insights into new strategies, revenue models, and markets.

Sustained Loyalty Requires an Authentic Customer Centric Mindset

Posted by in Understanding the C-Suite

Most companies today have an initiative focused on becoming customer-centric, and if that isn’t the path companies are pursuing, customers will often call the vendor out.  Customers are calling the shots and our understanding of value is changing. In the  

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Listening and Acting: The Virtuous Circle of Engagement

Posted by in Engagement Strategy

Listening and acting are two concepts that are absolutely critical to the health and longevity of customer advisory boards.

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Asking Questions Leads to Invaluable Insights

Posted by in Engagement Strategy

I recently joined a webinar offered by my alma mater’s alumni association where Sara Laschever shared her research and insights around the topic of “Learning to Ask: Women and the Power of Negotiation.”

One of the many  

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Customer-First Strategies Begin with Communications

Posted by in Understanding the C-Suite

In convening executive level customers to serve on Boards there are a few cardinal rules that must be adhered to.  First – as Anne Taylor posted last week – reciprocal value is critical.  What’s in it for your customers  

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