How We Help

Engage your customers based on what matters most to them.

We tailor a mix of strategy consulting, research, and programs to help B2B companies build stronger relationships with their C-level customers. Contact us if you’d like to explore how we might work for you and your customers.

Customer Advisory Boards

We launch and sustain boards with enduring influence—crafting the right mix of participants, topics, and constructive conversations to continuously offer invaluable insight to your organization and to your customers.

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Engagement Strategy

You’re trying to engage executives for a reason. Better business. We design lasting strategies that forge the link between your engagement programs, day-to-day operations, and business results.

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C-Level Customer Research

You can’t build a meaningful relationship with someone you don’t know. Our research determines what your customers care about—and where they think your company stands.

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Executive Events &
Engagement Programs

C-level executives invest their energy in programs that make a difference to their businesses. Our programs help deliver what they want: ideas, innovation, insight, and influence.

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Our Approach

We cycle through four phases—research, understand, engage, act. We start by conversing with your customers—pinpointing what matters to them to design compelling new programs. We end by making sure your organization acts on the customer insights and interactions you earn—creating stronger accounts, better-informed strategies, and new business opportunities.

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Looking to Engage Executives? First, Understand What They Want

Posted by in Understanding the C-Suite

Executives are different from other audiences, and it helps to understand what executives are looking for when they engage with vendors and others. From our work interviewing hundreds of C-level executives every year, we have extracted the key elements that  

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Is Your Facilitation Killing your Customer Advisory Board?

Posted by in Customer Advisory Boards, Featured

If your advisory board is struggling—or you’re just getting started and want to avoid the most common pitfall—consider carefully:
Is the person in the facilitator’s chair really ready to…facilitate? We share some of the common downfalls of board leaders and  

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Customer Advisory Board as Strategic Weapon

Posted by in Customer Advisory Boards

Customer advisory boards require leadership from your strategy team to be successful. Here are some tips on how to gain the executive sponsorship you need to ensure success.

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Creating Signature Client Experiences: Consider Reciprocal Value

Posted by in Engagement Strategy, Featured

It’s a truism in B2B companies that a handful of customers generate the bulk of the revenue, and that keeping and growing a loyal client is far less expensive than finding net new clients. That’s why B2B marketers must develop  

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