Customer Research

Engage executives by first understanding executives.

You can’t build a meaningful relationship with someone you just don’t know. We start every project by figuring out what your top customers care about—and where they think your company stands.

Our executive interviews and objective analysis help…

  • Uncover surprising stories and mutual interests
  • Get pointed feedback
  • Capture real customer voices and experiences
  • Identify or confirm customer challenges…and your role in solving them
  • Spot trends as they take shape
  • Discover credibility gaps and improvement opportunities
  • Design programs and experiences in which your customers want or need to participate

Gain C-suite perspective—from a team that is constantly talking to C-suite executives

We talk regularly with senior leaders from multiple industries and around the globe—conducting hundreds of interviews and thousands of casual conversations every year. We routinely explore the complex business and technology issues affecting the CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, CMOs, and other officers at large and mid-size enterprises.

That makes us particularly practiced at asking the right questions and quickly highlighting what is novel, relevant, and useful to their goals—and yours.

Our research may serve as the first phase of a broader strategy initiative or engagement program, or may be a stand-alone project.

  • Audit customer experience, journeys, and interests
  • Evaluate and outline brand permission, competitive advantage, and opportunities for new products, services, and growth
  • Develop topics, speakers, stories, and other content for customer programs
  • Supplement or orient quantitative surveys with a qualitative, C-level perspective
  • Tie insights back into the business

Contact us to talk about the role of research in C-level relationships and engagement programs.

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