Engagement Strategy

Shape a lasting strategy that transforms business relationships and results

You’re trying to engage executives for a reason: better business…as fast as possible. Our consulting services forge the link between your customer programs, day-to-day operations, and business results.

We partner with you to turn exceptional customer interactions, advice, and insight into:

  • Stronger relationships: earning loyalty, advocacy, and expanded accounts
  • Better-informed, customer-oriented strategies: increasing revenue and market share
  • New business opportunities: identifying new models, buyers, markets, and lines of business

Create experiences that executive customers want

We always start with research to understand what your customers care about—and where they think your company stands. From there, we recommend the program or combination of programs that best serve both your business goals and your customers’ needs.

  • Audit customer experience, journeys, and interests
  • Segment customer personas and peer groups
  • Design, prototype, and run advisory boards and customer engagement programs
  • Weave fragmented programs into cohesive experiences
  • Tie engagement programs into sales and operations (and vice versa)
  • Consult on ongoing accountability, relationship management, and business results

Contact us to talk about designing or refining an engagement strategy.

Customer Engagement: It’s More than a Bunch of Activities

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Very few marketers would say that their goal is not to create long term, strong, deep relationships with their clients or customers.  Client relationships are what drive a healthy business and deliver value in both directions.  And most marketers would  

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Measuring Customer Engagement: Managing the Attribution Challenge

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Heather Higgins , Global Marketing Leader, Strategy & Analytics, IBM and I spoke last week at an ITSMA event on the importance of customer engagement strategies. We shared examples of how IBM is building a very deliberate  

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Want to Optimize Your Engagement Strategy? Focus on Executives

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For B2B marketers and sellers, getting access to the C-suite and developing strong relationships with those leaders can often serve as the starting point of a long-term relationship between the individuals and the companies involved.  The three most important reasons  

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