Engagement Programs

Deliver what executives want: Ideas. Inspiration. Innovation. Influence.

C-level executives invest their energy in programs that can make a difference to the way they do business. We develop substantive, compelling programs—advisory boards, exclusive events, peer forums—that connect you and your customers in meaningful ways.

  • Convene peers and experts for candid conversation about critical issues
  • Gain insight into the conditions and challenges affecting your businesses
  • Spot and understand breakthrough ideas, emerging trends, and new opportunities
  • Shape strategies and deepen business relationships

Strengthen the customer relationship at every step

Our approach incorporates the customer at every step, so that the entire process—not only the end product—becomes an opportunity to strengthen relationships. We offer targeted assistance or full-service oversight for executive events and engagement programs.

  • Pinpoint program gaps within existing customer experiences, journeys, and interests
  • Segment customer personas and peer groups
  • Co-create event agendas and content
  • Research, vet, and prepare internal and external speakers and experts
  • Facilitate and moderate event sessions
  • Conduct after-event analysis
  • Tie insights back into broader engagement programs and the business
  • Consult on ongoing accountability, relationship management, and business results

Contact us to talk about how to design programs that strengthen relationships with your C-level customers and serve your broader customer engagement strategy.

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