Client Experience: Building a C-Suite Approach

Establishing a client experience strategy is becoming an area of significant focus for many business-to-business (B2B) companies.  While it is widely known that B2B businesses depend on a smaller customer set to deliver a larger amount of revenue, it has not always been the case that these companies have focused on how to achieve this through a client lens.

As customers, we are all demanding more and more of the businesses with which we engage in our daily lives; it is not surprising that as business leaders we are also mandating that our business partners deliver the same exceptional, customized experiences.

Our client experience work tends to focus on creating strategies that target the C-Suite.  We have decided to focus specifically on this segment because we have found a few things to be true.  First, our clients have more success and traction with their client experience programs if they are primarily targeted at the highest level decision makers in the organization.  Second, while it is challenging to engage this group in an ongoing series of programs, the return on the investment is significantly higher than a client experience strategy that tries to cast the net widely across an entire client organization.

The following are additional benefits to focusing your client experience strategy on the C-Suite slice of your client base:

  1. Return on Investment:  Buying power is concentrated in the C-Suite and as a result client experience strategies focused on this audience can translate into revenue faster.
  2. Return on Relationship: Executive leaders need new ideas and strategic support targeted at their particular needs, which is not always easy to find.  We examine and understand the most difficult challenges facing the C-Suite and build content related to that experience into the program to create a connection that is deeper than a transactional sale.
  3. Rising tide lifts all boats:  By defining a strategy and program that is targeted to the C-Suite experience you will raise the game of the other contacts that you have inside of that business.  We often find that our clients are surprised at the increased level of attention and interaction across the business that follows a roll out of a particular program strategy to the S-suite.

In the end, all good strategies hinge on creating a disciplined cadence to the work you do with the C-Suite.  It is critical to have a clear view to how your client experience will map over the course of a year for a C-level audience and where possible to have them commit to that course.  This is not easily done and requires creativity, a highly refined content engine and a clear understanding of your client’s strategic goals.  But the rewards are there for those willing to invest in the right programs to make that happen.


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