Our Approach


Our work takes on many forms—as we tailor a combination of strategy consulting, research, and programs to suit the specifics of your goals and your customers.

We help you build:

  • Stronger relationships: earn loyalty, advocacy, and expanded accounts
  • Better-informed, customer-oriented strategies: increase revenue and market share
  • New business opportunities: identify and co-create new models, buyers, markets, and lines of business

Our approach: Strengthen your customer relationship with every step.

We cycle through four phases to continually engage your top customers, refine your understanding of them, and improve your strategies based on that insight.


Solicit and listen to your customers’ candid stories, feedback, and concerns in expertly led, objective interviews.


Pinpoint the issues, trends, and challenges that matter to them—and how that matters to you.


Co-create and facilitate engagement strategies, executive programs, and other experiences that are equally compelling to you and your customers.


Connect customer programs and insights back to your broader customer relationships and business strategies—through communication, accountability, and action plans.


About Us | Strategy consulting, research, and programs to engage your C-level customers.

Your customers’ C-suite holds a wealth of knowledge and opportunity. But those leaders can also be your most discerning, toughest-to-reach customers. Farland Group helps you earn their engagement—and turn interactions and insights into new revenue models and markets.

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Customer Advisory Boards

An advisory board is a powerful engine of engagement, insight, and business transformation. Make the most of yours.

A Board Success Factor: Business and Industry Expertise » Advisory Boards: How to Extend the Value »

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Engagement Strategy

Like any good relationship, customer engagement is a long-term, reciprocal effort. When done well, meaningful engagement leads to better business results, faster.

Engage Your Customers to Help You Stop Pitching » Getting to a Customer Engagement Mindset »

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Understanding the C-Suite

Want to improve your standing with your C-suite customers? Deliver what executives want: ideas, inspiration, innovation, influence.

C-Suite Insight: Digital Disruption » Looking to Engage Executives? First, Understand What They Want »

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